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Which of the following number of nodes can form a full binary tree?

  1. 8
  2. 15
  3. 14
  4. 13
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option B

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I think Full binary tree is where each node can have either 0 or 2 children. In that case both 13 and 15 will be correct. The image is showing complete Binary tree, which is more restrictive than Full binary tree. Am I right?
if each node having 0 or 2 childs then binary tree will be strictly binary tree.

if each node having 0 or 2 childs and all leaf nodes are at same level, then binary tree will be a full binary tree.
sir, what you are saying as full, I think it is Complete binary tree, if not then what is complete binary tree?
Complete binary tree Vs Almost complete binary tree

Full binary tree Vs Complete Binary tree.

both are same referred differently in different books
here full binary tree means complete binary tree not almost complete binary tree
Those terms are used interchangeably. Complete and full binary tree.
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