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IPv6 does not support which of the following addressing modes?

  1. Unicast addressing
  2. Multicast addressing
  3. Broadcast addressing
  4. Anycast addressing
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Please update the answer key at the end of this answer to C(instead of B).

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C)Broadcast Addressing

for Unicast, multicast IPV6 supprt IPV4 firewall
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Broadcast Addressing. IPv6 does not implement traditional IP broadcast, and therefore does not define broadcast addresses. In IPv6, the same result can be achieved by sending a packet to the link-local all nodes multicast group which is analogous to IPv4 multicast.

IPv6 has three types of addresses, which can be categorized by type and scope:

  • Unicast addresses. A packet is delivered to one interface.
  • Multicast addresses. A packet is delivered to multiple interfaces.
  • Anycast addresses. A packet is delivered to the nearest of multiple interfaces (in terms of routing distance).
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In IPv6 it doesn't support any type of broadcasting for mor information I suggest please read below topic in deapth.

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