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Which algorithm is used to shape the bursty traffic into a fixed rate traffic by averaging the data rate?

  1. Solid bucket algorithm
  2. Spanning tree algorithm
  3. Hocken helm algorithm
  4. Leaky bucket algorithm
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ans is (d)

Traffic Shaping • It is about regulating average rate of data flow. • It is a method of congestion control by providing shape to data flow before entering the packet into the network. • At connection set-up time, the sender and carrier negotiate a traffic pattern (shape)

There are two types of Traffic shaping algorithm :- ▫

1. Leaky Bucket Algorithm. ▫

2. Token Bucket Algorithm

 Leaky Bucket Algorithm • The Leaky Bucket Algorithm used to control rate in a network. • It is implemented as a single-server queue with constant service time. • If the bucket (buffer) overflows then packets are discarded. • In this algorithm the input rate can vary but the output rate remains constant. • This algorithm saves busty traffic into fixed rate traffic by averaging the data rate.

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Answer D) Leaky Bucket Algo
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Its D.
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