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Which of the following encryption algorithms is based on the Feistal structure?

  1. Advanced Encryption Standard
  2. RSA public key cryptographic algorithm
  3. Data Encryption standard
  4. RC4
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3 Answers

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Feistal cipher is a symmetric cipher used in the construction of block cipher.

RSA is an asymmetric crypto mechanism.

DEC is symmetric and based on Feistal cipher

RC4 is a stream cipher which makes it symmetric, but is not based on Feistal structure.

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✌ Edit necessary (logan1x “DES instead of DEC.”)
*Correction - DES instead of DEC
So $\mathbf C$ is the correct answer?
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Feistel structure is symmetric key cryptography

DES and RC4 both are symmetric cryptography

So, Answer C) and D)
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why not AES @srestha
You are arguing like:

I like ice cream.
He likes ice-cream.

So, I'm him.
Sir I'm not much good with this subject but my doubt is DES and AES both are symmetric algorithms then why only DES is considered as fiestel structure
ALL symmetric algorithms are not based on feistal structure.
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Fiestal structure are block cipher . Not a symmetric Cyrptogaraphy

A symmetric is one which use same key for Encryption and Decryption

Infact it should be DES AES and tripple DES as block cipher ( or fiestal ) They amke use of P and S boxes .
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See this link @Dexter

MMost symmetric block ciphers are based on a Feistel Cipher Structure
Oh yes i will see :)
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