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A CPU scheduling algorithm determines an order for the execution of its scheduled processes. Given 'n' processes to be scheduled on one processor, how many possible different schedules are there?

  1. $n$
  2. $n^{2}$
  3. $n!$
  4. $2^{n}$
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preemptive= infinite way

non preemptive=n!

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In all case n! Only
no , only for nonpreemptive it will be n!

because, it takes 1 process at a time and completes it

So, 1st process can executes n ways

2nd process can execute (n-1) ways

3rd process can executes (n-2) ways......

So, n process can executes n! ways
I did n't get why in case of pre-emption allowed , Why there can be infinite combination , assuming that time quantum tends to 0 and Burst time tending to NP hard problems (a silly way to say infinte) , still  if one  of the process is scheduled by CPU then , if suspended it is not the responsiblity of CPU  again (long term schedular) to schedule it again, rather the duty of Middle term schedular.
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