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The state of a process after it encounters an $I/O$ instruction is?

  1. Ready
  2. Blocked
  3. Idle 
  4. Running
in Operating System by Boss (30.8k points) | 2.3k views
option B ?

ans should be waiting (blocked)so b is true

5 Answers

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it can be ready or Suspended wait.

by Boss (45.4k points)
I/O completion isn't an I/O instruction. It's simply something that happened — an event.

Option B is correct.
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A process that is blocked on some event (such as I/O operation completion or a signal) Here A process which need I/O operation moves to waiting state and blocks their till its I/O completion Then moves to ready state.

PS: The question seems to ignore non-blocking IO calls like printf

by Boss (13.9k points)
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The State of a process after it encounter I/o instruction is blocked state . It has nothing to do with CPU after it encounter I/O instruction .

Hence answer is Blocked state
by Loyal (9.9k points)
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Blocked State.
by Veteran (60.9k points)
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ans is (a)

by Active (4.9k points)
how A is B bro

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