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Embedded pointer provides

  1. A secondary access path
  2. A physical record key
  3. An inverted index
  4. A primary key
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Embedded Pointer are Pointer Set  in a data record So it provides a secondary access path. Option A is correct.
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Embedded pointer means a set of pointer in a data set  which points to another data set.

Hence it is secondary access path.

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ans is (a)

A pointer set in a data record instead of in a directory.

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It is the pointer embeded in the data structure such as in array,structures or in union. It provides the secondary access. It basically set as null by the server and client stub allocate the memory.

Sometime the value is not null i.e value is set by the server. So in this case the client stubs don't allocate the memory for it but use the allocated existing memory and overwrite the data in it.
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I think Embedded Pointer is same as block pointer in Index file .

It will point to block containing a record or a  Record

hence A physical record key is answer .
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