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4 votes

What is the right way to declare a copy constructor of a class if the name of the class is MyClass?

  1. MyClass (constant MyClass * arg)
  2. MyClass (constant MyClass & arg)
  3. MyClass (MyClass arg)
  4. MyClass (MyClass * arg)
in Object Oriented Programming 2.6k views

2 Answers

5 votes
Best answer
it should be B (with a const keyword instead of constant )as reference of arg is passed in copy constructor

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@sanjay :is there any book of Java that contain conceptual questions of Java.

Like test your c skill for c language
2 votes
In the question, a particular language is not mentioned so option B and C both are correct.

In Java copy constructor: MyClass(MyClass arg)

But In C++ it is :  MyClass (constant MyClass & arg)

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