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Which of the following determines which programs are admitted to the system for execution and when and which ones should be exited ?

  1. Long Term Scheduler
  2. Mid term scheduler
  3. Short term Scheduler
  4. Both 2 and 3
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option 1) long term scheduler .. correct ans

short term : it is used to decide which ready process will get cpu resources and for how much time

mid term is used for swapped in swapped (suspend the process) .
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ya correct it is LTS. just misinterpreted system with CPU. now editing my answer
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1. Long term Scheduler

In a batch processing system several processes arrive at the same time and they are spooled into a mass storage device. The Long-Term Scheduler or better called as Job Scheduler selects the processes from the spool and loads them into the memory.

The Sort-Term Scheduler or better called CPU Scheduler selects the processes that are ready to execute (processes that are in the ready queue) and allocates them CPU.

The Mid-Term Scheduler is used to swap a process to and from virtual memory and allocate CPU for the same.

Hence, it is the long term scheduler that decides which program should be admitted and which should exit the system.

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