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Has anybody tried this book?Is this book good to practice for gate and psus especially psus?
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If someone is aiming a rank something around 2500-5000 Then this book can help to achieve that

To get rank under 1000   only refer std books no alternatives

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I have practiced problems from this book and can say that this book is pretty good. The questions are difficult enough to keep your brain working and easy enough to not let down your confidence level. There are questions that are not usually asked in the various competitive exams and you would like to filter them out. I must also add that the answers to some problems are incorrect and you may need to double check them.
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I have heard that this book is useful for psu exams as most of the questions come from this book and gate previous year is this true?Do you have any idea?
Yeah. You can say that few questions are taken from this book or they have relevance to the questions of this book.
I want to prepare for psus and wanted to know what all can i solve other than gate papers
Most of the PSU now take the admission through GATE. For the rest, it depends. Like Coal India conducted exam a few years back and it gave most of the questions from the previous GATE question papers and most of them from compiler design. ISRO provides its own past question papers. As I gave exams of various PSUs, I can say that it is difficult to retrieve those questions as they don't let the candidate to take the question paper. So spreparing previous GATE questions, MCQ by Timothy Williams and questions from ISRO question paper will serve as good mix of questions. If I have any question paper with me, I will share the questions or at least the scan copy.
Thanks a lot
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