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Which of the following are regular sets?

  1. $\left\{a^nb^{2m} \mid n \geq 0, m \geq 0 \right\}$

  2. $\left\{a^nb^m \mid n =2m  \right\}$

  3. $\left\{a^nb^m \mid n \neq m \right\}$

  4. $\left\{xcy \mid x, y, \in \left\{a, b\right\} ^* \right\}$

  1. I and IV only
  2. I and III only
  3. I only
  4. IV only
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Answer is A.

Since in option 2 and 3, $n$ is dependent on $m$, therefore a comparison has to be done to evaluate those and hence are not regular.

I and IV are clearly regular sets.

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if option D were
 xcx then both x,c should belong to (a+b)* , right ?
how option d is regular here ? for this c should belong to (a + b)^(*) it is not as it will give only c on keeping x as epsilion
@Leensharma can you explain option d)
d) *IS* regular. The regular language for d) will be (a+b)*c(a+b)*
can you explain how 1st is regular by some explanation?

@Shubham Aggarwal I Think first can be written as -->(a)*(bb)* . Here both asterisks are independent of each other and can be thought as n and m.


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