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Assume that there are two lower triangular matrices A and B of size n*n. If matrix A and transpose of B are fit into a rectangular matrix C of size n*(n+1), then
a) B[i,j]=C[i,j+1]
c)B[i,j]=C[j, i+1]
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I do not think that this problem is complete. Please write complete problem dude.
The question is correct

 It was asked in jnuee-2009 and its answer isc

But how?
i am able to understand even question here. can anyone make it easy for me?

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I think the answer should be option (c). I think an explicit explanation is not required because it can be easily checked with any 2 lower triangular matrices.
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We will insert in matrix C in row major order or column major order?
As you know row major and column major representations are transpose of each I suspect insertion order should be irrelevant if same convention(i.e., either row or column major) was followed for representation of A, B and C....but I would like to take other's view on this as well.
C is the answer
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