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If a class $B$ network on the Internet has a subnet mask of $$, what is the maximum number of hosts per subnet?

  1. $1022$
  2. $1023$
  3. $2046$
  4. $2047$
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a number of zeros are to be counted for calculating the total number of possible hosts per subnet.

$255$-$248$ = $7$ can be represented using $3$ $bits$

these $3$$bits$ + $8$$bits$ more = $11$ $bits$

So, possible subnets $= $2$^{11}$ out of these $2$ are reserved as subnet $ID$ and $DBA$

Therefore, we have maximum possible usable hosts = $2^{11}-$2$ = 2046$

Correct Answer: $C$
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what does 'per subnet' means then ?
per subnet means here it is class B network , so no of network bits is known so we can know no of subnet bits. In which each subnet can have many hosts . Here many subnets are possible so per subnet means in each subnet how many hosts are present
What does DBA stand for? I have seen this word on many computer networks answers on this site
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ans c)
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