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What is the primary purpose of a VLAN?

  1. Demonstrating the proper layout for a network
  2. Simulating a network
  3. To create a virtual private network
  4. Segmenting a network inside a switch or device
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5 Answers

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VLAN:actuall physically system can be placed anywhere but logically they are belonging to a group.

Network architects set up VLANs to provide the network segmentation services traditionally provided only by routers in LAN configurations

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Answer is D

Network architects set up VLANs to provide the network segmentation services traditionally provided only by routers in LAN configurations. VLANs address issues such asscalability, security, and network management. Routers in VLAN topologies filter broadcast traffic, enhance network security, perform address summarization, and mitigatenetwork congestion. Switches may not bridge network traffic between VLANs, as doing so would violate the integrity of the VLAN broadcast domain.

More At :-

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@Arjun sir or Veteran family can you please check it.

Correct me if i am wrong
yes, but why C is wrong?
Yes, C  also could be an answer.

So, C and D both are the answers  ??
I don't think C is correct. But need more info.
@arjun sir  yes answer is both  C and D but they ask about primary purpose so go wid D is better choice
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what about option d ?
I think Inside switch or device is not true.
Why ? If u know?
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VLAN reduces network traffic by making multiple broadcast domains. As, a single Broadcast domain can contain multiple Collision domains, so multiple broadcast domains will make more collision domains & reduces collision chances and increases B.W. inside the network. In each broadcast domain, there is a Switch that separates one collision domain from other. So VLAN segments a network with network devices like Switch. (D)
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A) The network layout has much influence over the security of the network. The placement of servers with respect to the firewall and various other computers can affect both network performance and security. There may even be areas of the network that are more secure than others. Some of these areas may be further protected with an additional firewall.

link here

But we know, VLAN is not about only security of network. Moreover it is breaking a network in multiple LAN and also give secure connection to each and every LANs.

B) network simulation is a technique whereby a software program models the behavior of a network by calculating the interaction between the different network entities (routers, switches, nodes, access points, links etc.). Most simulators use discrete event simulation - the modeling of systems in which state variables change at discrete points in time.

link here

That is also not the major objective of VLAN

C) Yes creating virtual private network is work of VLAN but with security. Otherwise intruder, hacker take major advantage of this  multiple access of LAN. Suppose the bank transaction, Cradit card, Debit card number must ensure secure connection. Otherwise it cannot be used.

D)Segmenting a network has primary goal as security with division of a network. So, this is the correct choice here

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