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The test suite (set of test input) used to perform unit testing on a module could cover 70% of the code. What is the reliability of the module if the probability of success is 0.95 during testing?

  1. 0.665 to 0.95
  2. At the most 0.665
  3. At the most 0.95
  4. At least 0.665


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2 Answers

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Unit testing of the module is covering 70% of the code = 0.7

Probability of success  = 0.95

Reliability = 0.7 * 0.95 = 0.665.

Answer is at the most 0.665.

Please correct me if i am wrong
should be aleast.
I think option D is the right answer. Please do tell the correct answer
if only 70% code is tested then with 95% probability of success then its reliability  is at most it is 0.7x.95 =.665

it can not be at least .665  because then it can also be 1 which is not possible without testing rest 30 % and that too with prob of success 1
@sanjay sharma may be i m wrong bt i m having doubt like for 70% its having probablity 0.95 that means 0.70*0.95=0.665 and for remaining part means 30 % it can be have succuss probability 1 (in worst case) means 30% of module part completely reliable. so  overall reliable is 0.665+0.30=> 0.965  means if option is like 0.665 to 0.965 is it correct ?? plz verify
Right bro.. according to me .. Ans A is more correct.
what if most (or all errors ) are from that 30 % code which is untested.Then it can not even 0.1  so 0.665 is not guaranteed it is  max we can claim  And even if 30 % does not contain error without testing that code we can not say it is reliable
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At the most 0.665
plzz Explain process to solve it.
Can u pls explain the above answer
As it is given that " testing on a module could cover 70% of the code" =>it means it can cover up to 70% of code and we don't know about remaining 30% of code's reliability it didn't mention so we can't consider it.

Maximum reliability on 70% code would be=0.7*0.95(as prob. of success given)=0.665

Suppose if we consider it only 60% code under testing then it would be=0.6*0.95<0.665

so At the most 0.665.

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