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Match the following :

List – I      List – II
a. Physical layer   i. Allow resources to network access
b. Datalink layer   ii. Move packets from one destination to other
c. Network layer   iii. Process to process message delivery
d. Transport layer iv. Transmission of bit stream
e. Application Layer   v. Formation of frames
  1. a-iv; b-v; c-ii; d-iii; e-i
  2. a-v; b-iv; c-i; d-ii; e-iii
  3. a-i; b-iii; c-ii; d-v; e-iv
  4. a-i; b-ii; c-iv; d-iii; e-v
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option A is the ans

a. PL-----iv. Transmission of bit stream

b.DLL---v. Formation of frames

c. NL--- ii. Move packets from one destination to other

d. TL---- iii. Process to process message delivery

e.AL----i. Allow resources to network access

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Option A;

Physical Layer:: responsible for Transmission of packet in the stream of bit with proper encoding method.

Data Link Layer:: Formaton of frame means framing is done at this layer and max frame size 1500B

Network Layer:: Door to Door delivery of datagram(Packet.)

Transport Layer:: End to end delivery.

remaining u think as I think.
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