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Which of the following techniques are used to control data flow?

  1. Windowing
  2. Routing
  3. RPCs
  4. Buffering
    1. 1,4
    2. 2,3,4
    3. 1,3,4
    4. 1,2,3,4
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Windowing :

Sliding windows, a technique also known as windowing, is used by the Internet's Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as a method of controlling the flow of packets between two computers or network hosts. TCP requires that all transmitted data be acknowledged by the receiving host.

Buffering :

it generally speeds up what you trying to do on a computer.(you might have heard this term before if you internet connection is slow and it is not able to transfer the data at the rate it suppose to send then you see on your screen "Buffering" .This is exactly the same what we are talking about here. For exp if you are watching a video on you tube and if your connection is very slow then you can't see HD video and your you tube will automatically play in some other formats like Mp3 , 3gp or something like this, so that is how in case of low connection network use's Buffering to control Data flow ) Buffering can prevent lag when you’re streaming video or prevent slow performance when you’re playing a graphics-intensive video game on your desktop computer.

Answer : windowing And Buffering 

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