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Djikstra’s algorithm is used to

  1. Create LSAs
  2. Flood an internet with information
  3. Calculate the routing tables
  4. Create a link state database
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calculation of routing table is done in case of distance vector routing for which we use bellman ford algorithm. For link state routing we use Djikstra’s  so answer should be (A)

@lovely gupta  ya that is for sure bellman ford is used in DVR but can u give me the refrence where it is mentioned that dijikstra is used in LSP

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answer is c)

Calculation of routing tables ,as djikstra algorithm calculates shortest path for all

the nodes  in link state routing protocol .

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Djikstra’s algorithm is used to A)Create LSAs

In LSA (Linked State algorithm) we finds minimum path which is done by Djikstra’s algorithm

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I think the answer is c) calculation of routing tables as djikstra algorithm calculates shortest path for all the nodes ..

plz check this [email protected]

LSA refer to link state advertisement and not Link state algorithm.
what is the difference u mean by advertisement and algorithm?
These are a type of special messages exchanged between the routers which include the information of cost of links between routers.(Type 1)

Or the information that helps to reduce the amount of data to  stored in each node by partitioning the domain of routers into areas such that a router within the domain does not need to know how to reach every network in that domain but knows only how to get into right areas(from where  the packet can be routed towards its destination correctly).(Type 2)
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If we talk about Dijsktra algorithm, it is used to find Shortest path.

In computer it has been preferred in many applications.In routing when we go with link state Routing and we had to find shortest path between routers in world wide web then their Dijsktra algorithm is used in calculating the routing tables..

(C) will be best
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