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In the given network of AND and OR gates $f$ can be written as

  1. $X_0X_1X_2 \dots X_n + X_1X_2 \dots X_n + X_2X_3 \dots X_n + \dots + X_n$
  2. $X_0X_1 + X_2X_3+ \dots X_{n-1}X_n$
  3. $X_0+X_1 + X_2+ \dots +X_n $
  4. $X_0X_1 + X_3  \dots X_{n-1}+ X_2X_3 + X_5 \dots X_{n-1} + \dots +X_{n-2} X_{n-1} +X_n$
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    $=X_0X_1X_3X_5\cdots X_{N-1}+X_2X_3X_5\cdots X_{N-1}+X_4X_5X_7\cdots X_{N-1}+\cdots + X_N$
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from given obtions which one is the ans
@ srestha which option ?
No option matching
Agree. No option matching !
its option D , there's typo  --> "X0X1+X3…Xn−1" should be "X0X1+X2…Xn−1" , but general term says correct.
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Option A is answer I think
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