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The output Y of the given circuit

  1. 1
  2. 0
  3. X
  4. X'
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Answer : B

It should be  0

1 XOR 1 =0      0 XOR 0 =0    0 XOR 1 =1    1 XOR 0 =1

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Can You please deeply explain your answer. And in question which input is x and which is 0?, I am not getting it

I am not good with drawing you have to understand by this.Look at the properties I have written there. As

there are 3 Ex-OR gates in given fig and     0 Ex-OR 0 = 0   this is the property which you have to remember somehow then see the fig we got 0's everywhere So final result is 0.

the explanation given above is wrong.
then you write the right explanation .
can you write the right explanation for this question .
The above explanation is correct.
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