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A graph in which all nodes are of equal degree, is known as

  1. Multigraph
  2. Non regular graph
  3. Regular graph
  4. Complete graph
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A graph Which in which all nodes are of equal degree is known as Regular Graph.

Ans C) Regular graph

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please tell me why not complete graph
@Arjun sir what about this?
In a complete graph all nodes have same degree. But all graphs which have same degree for all nodes are not complete. So, only regular should be the answer here.

You are right.But sir Question is not asking definition complete graph.

Question is asking "A graph in which all nodes are of equal degree"

Answer-For (C) Yes,In Regular Graph all nodes have equal degree.

Answer-For (D)Yes,In complete Graph all nodes have equal degree.

yes, but see which is LHS of the sentence. If we reverse the sentence, then yes, both C and D can be answer like

"Which graph has same degree for all the nodes"

yes,i got it now. All Complete Graph is Regular but not vise-versa.Thank yousmiley

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