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The minimum number of comparisons required to sort $5$ elements is ____
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Some Important points from wiki -->

  • If the algorithm always completes after at most f(n) steps, it cannot distinguish more than 2f(n) cases because the keys are distinct and each comparison has only two possible outcomes.
  • Determining the exact number of comparisons needed to sort a given number of entries is a computationally hard problem even for small n, and no simple formula for the solution is known.

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Answer is 7.

Minimum number of comparisons = $\lceil \log(n!) \rceil$ =  $\lceil \log(5!) \rceil$ = $\lceil \log(120) \rceil$ = 7.


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See the above link. The technique is given by Knuth :)
But of array is sorted and i use insertion sort it will take 4 comparisions?
Yes if we use insertion sort on already sorted array of n it takes n-1 comparisons.
even bubble sort on already sorted array will give 4 comparisons right ?
@Arjun sir, here we are answering for the worst case, right? Otherwise, if array is sorted and I use insertion sort it will take 4 comparisions, right?
I am also getting 4 as answer as minimum comparison is being asked.
Didn't understand from the links given in the answer.

Can someone plz explain in simple terms?

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