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If node A has three siblings and B is parent of A, what is the degree of A?

  1. 0
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5
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7 Answers

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Now coming to question if node $A$ has three siblings and $B$ is the parent of $A$. This is the only information given.

It is not given whether node $A$ is an internal node or leaf node and also total number of node in the graph is not given.

So given information is not sufficient to decide what should be the degree of node $A$.

So the degree of node $A$ can be any of the above.

answered by Boss (38.8k points)
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mahol hai sir. :)
is it mentioned anywhere that that graph has only 4 nodes ?? if not they why are u assuming A as leaf node ??
No other info is given other than <If node A has three siblings and B is parent of A>.we can not  add extra information by our own assumption.
i am not adding anything . question is ambiguous i guess. i can't say answer is 0 or 4 or 3
Answer should be 4, because if we consider node A at leaf level , anyhow degree will be 1(consider undirected graph) but no option with degree 1. Now (consider A no-leaf node), so we can consider it strict 4-ary tree then every node have 0 or 4 childs, then we can say that  degree of A=4
please check and reply
If A has 4 children den degree will be 5 not 4 bcz of link connnected to B...
I don't think one can solve this with the given data - they missed copying the remaining part of question. Should be Mark to All.
yes you are right shikha,
now ya i also think same Arjun sir(Missing Data)
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Answer : A

A/c to given condition B is parent of A and A has 3 Siblings.Degree of A would be 0


Without any assumptions Answer is matching with option A

answered by Boss (45.3k points)
Degree of A is 1 in ur example, not 0
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answered by Boss (45.3k points)
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I think Answer is A

Node "A" has 3 siblings and B is parent of A.

A is child of B.

There is no children for A

So, A must me leaf node

Degree of leaf node is 0


answered by Active (3.8k points)
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how can someone answer this question, probably 1 could be answer but nothing is mentioned that it's  a graph or a tree and worst thing is that 1 is not given in options.
ISRO always gives ambiguous questions!


answered by Boss (17k points)
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it will be zero offcourse
answered by (183 points)
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In tree the number of subtrees of a node is called the degree of the node.So degree of leaf node is 0.

In graph degree of a node is the total no node connected with it.(If it is graph then ans is 1)


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