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(A)  checksum                                   (B)  even parity mechanism
 (C)  CRC                                         (D)  odd parity mechanism.
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Answer : CRC ( Cyclic redundancy check )

It is best to takes care of data integrity .

Reference :

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What about the CRC we are adding 0s at the this is not increasing information
thats wat i m also thinking...i think checksum should be answer because we only divide the data bytes while sending the data...nothing is padded

but in CRC we add n-1 0's of CRC generator to msg

@asu @ase23 at-least you should have tried to read the reference once which i have given..

Read line no =4  (unfortunately i have not written that stuff by my own so you can't say anything  about why that is true....)I have given the answer based of wikipedia article .

i have read the reference.....but what about my point==is not it valid....or any other  way of describing this
@asu as you said in your first comment  "in CRC we are adding 0s at the this is not increasing information".

what i personally think is we are adding those bits in options field which is basically to do these kind of work mean if we have to pad something or make some modification in entire header then we have a predefined  field for that. so it should not be considered additional information for that otherwise entire option field which is 40 Bytes would be considered as additional information even if it has some useful data for the one of header field in it.

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