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Match the pairs in the following questions by writing the corresponding letters only.
$$\begin{array}{|ll|ll|}\hline \text{(a)}  &  \text{Buddy system} & \text{(p)} & \text{Run time type specification} \\ \text{(b)}  &  \text{Interpretation} & \text{(q)} & \text{Segmentation} \\ \text{(c)}  &  \text{Pointer type} & \text{(r)} & \text{Memory allocation} \\ \text{(d)}  &  \text{Virtual memory} & \text{(s)} & \text{Garbage collection} \\\hline \end{array}$$
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what is interpretation in this question?

Buddy system - The buddy memory allocation technique is a memory allocation algorithm that divides memory into partitions to try to satisfy a memory request as suitably as possible. This system makes use of splitting memory into halves to try to give a best fit.

Interpretation - Run-time (pretty obvious)

Pointer type - Garbage collector dereference the dangling pointers

Virtual memory - Segmentation

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$(a) - (r), (b) - (p), (c) - (s), (d) - (q)$
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@Gate Keeda and @Arjun Suresh : How pointer type is garbage collection.

In object-oriented languages with garbage collection, dangling references are prevented by only destroying objects that are unreachable, meaning they do not have any incoming pointers; this is ensured either by tracing or reference counting.

When we do not have any pointer, we can just clear activation record and no need of any garbage collection. But pointers means there should be dynamic memory management. In languages like C this is the job of programmer and he must call free(). Languages like Java, C++ does this automatically using garbage collection. (Java does not have explicit pointers).
Sir, java do this garbage collection bt implicit pointers then?
yes @rahul sharma 5
How virtual memory and segmentation are related? Both are different memory allocation techniques.
@Arjun sir.How can we relate pointer to garbage collection. If we have pointers like in C,but we dont have garbage collection.

In java we have garbage collection but not pointers.

So.what does this match specify?
languages like c++ have garbage collector
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