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Every BCNF decomposition is

A)Dependency preserving

B)not a dependency preserving

C)Need not be dependency preserving

D)None of the above
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While every BCNF Decomposition may yield Dependency Preservation, others may not. I m not able to suggest you an appropriate option. However the link mentioned under might just clear some of your doubts. Hope it Helps. Do refer it once. :)
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BCNF need not be FD preserving always. It may be or may not be.

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C)Need not be dependency preserving
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Option C will be right option for it bcz every table in BCNF should not be in FDs preserving but it is not case of 3NF.This is very -very important difference in 3NF as well as BCNF.

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Need Not be Dependency Preserving.

Lossless decomposition is the fundamental thing which each and every normalization should follow.

But Preserving dependencies is followed till 2NF,3NF. But when we go for higher normalization like BCNF then  preserving the functional dependencies became difficult since the rule for BCNF are more Strict than 3NF.

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Option C is the best ans.
Because in case of BCNF dependency preserving is not necessary . it may be preserved or not.
But in case of 3 nf Dependency preserving is necessary
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The answer is c:

Every BCNF decomposition may or may not be dependency preserving

but remember, it will always be lossless decomposition..
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