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I want the solution of my answer .crying

There is no answer in that link .sad



Copy above link and open in a new tab or window. Here, an example is shown which is similar to your question (multiplying a positive number with a negative number).

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five bits hence five operations. 


How to determine which operation
Q0 Q-1 Operation
0 0 right shift
0 1 A <- A + M and then right shift
1 0 A <- A - M   and then right shift
1 1 right shift
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Please tell what mistake Am i doing it ? 

Arjun sir see i solved this but still not able to get :((

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Follow this :)

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Thank you @sushant gokhale sir
when the multiplier is like this $1\ 0\ 0\ 1\ 1\ 0\ 1\ 0\ $ then no need of implied 0. right?

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