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Which statement is false?

  1. PING is a TCP/IP application that sends datagrams once every second in the hope of an echo response from the machine being PINGED
  2. If the machine is connected and running a TCP/IP protocol stack, it should respond to the PING datagram with a datagram of its own
  3. If PING encounters an error condition, an ICMP message is not returned
  4. PING display the time of the return response in milliseconds or one of several error message
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@arjun sir , we need feature like when we click on image it should enlarge or something similar . Many of the images are small and not readable for persons with less eye power . This image is readable anyway.
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PING uses ICMP to check connectivity of host to Internet(IP) layer. It send message to host computer to destination computer and then echoed back from destination to host computer. It also checks RTT. So, If it is not echoed back then there must be some error
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So how is C false?
seems all r correct
In case of ICMP error it gives information about the packet loss means ICMP returned but obtion C says ICMP not retunred.Hence it is FALSE.
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Answer : If PING encounters an error condition, an ICMP message is not returned

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answer is : Option C

In case of error, the target host or an intermediate router sends back an ICMP error message, for example "host unreachable" or "TTL exceeded in transit".

Try once more....definitely you can

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