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Choose the correct alternatives (more than one may be correct) and write the corresponding letters only:

The $ALE$ line of  an $8085$ microprocessor is used to:

(a). Latch the output of an $I/O$ instruction into an external latch.

(b). Deactivate the chip-select signal from memory devices.

(c). Latch the $8$ $\text{bits}$ of address lines $AD7-AD0$ into  an external latch.

(d). Find the interrupt enable status of the $TRAP$ interrupt.

(e). None of the above

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1 Answer

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Answer is (c)

ALE is active high pin , When we supplied active high pulse to this pin, this pin is activated. When this pin is activated, it de-multiplexes lower address bus (A0-A7) from lower address / data bus (AD0-AD7).

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