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Algorithm which solves the all pair shortest path problem is

A)Dijkstra's algorithm

B)Floyd's algorith

C)Prim's algorithmm

D)Warshall's algorithm

asked in DS by Junior (509 points) | 1.6k views

2 Answers

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A)Dijkstra->>Single Source Shortest Path

C) Prims->>To obtain Minimum Spanning Tree

B&D) Floyd-Warshall Algo->>All pair Shortest path

Robert Floyd & Stephen Warshall two scientist :-from there name a single dynamic algorithm Floyd-Warshall...(Note:-they are not 2 different algorithms.. So, they should not given in two options)
answered by Veteran (23.4k points)
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you give options wrong because floyd's and warshall's are not two different algorithms . floyd-warshall algorithm is used to find the all pair shortest path problem.
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