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The pushdown automation $M=(\{q_0, q_1, q_2\}, \{a,b\}, \{0,1\}, \delta, q_0, 0, \{q_0\})$ with






Accepts the language

  1. $L=\{a^nb^m \mid n,m \geq 0\}$
  2. $L=\{a^nb^n \mid n \geq 0\}$
  3. $L=\{a^nb^m \mid n,m > 0\}$
  4. $L=\{a^nb^n \mid n > 0\}$
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1 Answer

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This PDA clearly accepts ab , as its language

But as we see that there is a production from Q2 to Q0 makes the input string halt on Q0 , so our final state will be Q0 .

So it will accept empty strings .

Hence , answer B).

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if final state is q2 then what is the meaning of the last line which is delta (q2 ,lemda ,0 ) = (q2 ,lemda)

see what i have made  a conclusion by this line is if you are in state q2 and empty string is the input and 0 is on top of the stck then we are going to get state q0 and halt there .

if this is not the meaning of this line then what exactly you understood by this line ....explain please

@shekhar sir,

u r right,

then there will be Q0 as start and final state..right...?
this is what i am talking about we have a move on empty string

i think 0 in this machine works similar to Z0 , what we generally take as default symbol on stack.

D should be ans... Since there is no epsilon transition on initial state...

some typo , it should be q1 instead of q0.

@gabbar is right.

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