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Many of the advanced microprocessors prefetch instructions and store it in an instruction buffer to speed up processing. This speed up is achieved because ________
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Because CPU is faster than memory. Fetching instructions from memory would require considerable amount of time while CPU is much faster. So, prefetching the instructions to be executed can save considerable amount of waiting time.
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In computer architecture, instruction prefetch is a technique used in microprocessors to speed up the execution of a program by reducing wait states.

So, the speed up is achieved because the wait states are reduced.
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Instruction prefetching is also useful in case of execution of branch instruction on pipelined processors.

Target instructions can be prefetched thereby reducing the chance of pipeline flush/clean when a branch instruction is executed.
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You meant branch prediction rt?
Like Instruction Prefetching, Branch prediction is yet another method for avoiding stall cycles during execution of branch instruction in pipelined processor.

Instruction Prefetching is like caching.
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Pipe lining as parallel processing is not feasible in general.

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