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I try to figure out one of the tests that adopted from GATE exams, but nothing founds, anyone can describe it for me?

Question: We shown the Hardware Operation Chart of one digital system in the following figure:

activity of control signals for each operational box is shown and checking condition is shown also.

in designing of direct hardwired control unit how many and, or gate is needed?

A) 4, 5           B) 4, 4            C) 5,3              D)4, 3

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Which test is this?
Semi-Online Test on GATE Entrace. this is very difficult, isn't it?
Nothing is difficult if we know :)
- I'm not able to make anything here :(
But this kind of question has never come for GATE CSE, still I would like to solve this as its related to my field of interest. But is it complete? What does S1, S2, S3 mean?
I think this is ASM chart, but nothing know about S1,S2 and S3 ! i try to find

yes, So it is bit too out for me. Not needed for any CS exam. This might be useful if interested.

The operation of each control Signal is shown on each operational box, I think S1,.. is an operation signal.
this is very useful documents, would you please help me ? I just have you...
It requires a lot of time for me to study this :O Why should I do it when its not coming for exams?
thanks, sorry for my bad request. you are very kind.

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