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Choose the correct alternatives (more than one may be correct) and write the corresponding letters only:

The operation which is commutative but not associative is:

  1. AND
  2. OR
  3. EX-OR
  4. NAND
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'communicative' should be 'commutative'

4 Answers

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Answer is D.

1) Every logic gate follows Commutative law.
2) AND, OR, Ex-OR, EX-NOR follows Associative law also. NAND, NOR doesn`t follow Associative law.
answered by Loyal (9.1k points)
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Its good to remember-
1)Every logic gate follows Commutative law.
2)AND,OR,Ex-OR,EX-NOR follows Associative law also. NAND,NOR doesn`t follow Associative law.

commutative law: A operator B = B operator

associative law: A operator (B operator C) = (A operator B) operator C

EX-NOR is associative...
Every logic gate follows Commutative law. how?
A->B is not same as B->A, right?
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Ans is D you can varify it like  ((AB)'C)' = (A(BC)')' are not equivalent for input 011.
answered by Active (2k points)

yes option D

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We get for inputs 001,011,100 and 110 both the NAND  and NOR are not associative
answered by Active (3.3k points)
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NAND gate is commutative but not associative.


answered by Boss (24k points)

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