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 What is the routing algorithm used by RIP and IGRP?

  1. OSPF
  2. Link-state
  3. Dynamic
  4. Dijikstra vector
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I really think Option D is typed incorrectly.

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Answer : Dijikstra Vector

Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) is a distance vector interior routing protocol (IGP) developed by Cisco. It is used by routers to exchange routing data within an autonomous system. IGRP is a proprietary protocol.

The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols which employ the hop count as a routing metric. RIP prevents routing loops by implementing a limit on the number of hops allowed in a path from source to destination.

Reference : Google Search

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dijkestra is used by link state.....i think dynamic is the ans
@asu i answered what i asked in the question .if you don't believe my answer is correct do one thing copy this part of the question "routing algorithm used by RIP and IGRP" and put it in google search bar then you'll get your answer.

that's why i have given the reference as google search.
i m clarifying my far i know DV dont use dijkestra ...dynamic may be best to choose...if i m finding best ans here that is selected by arjun sir and u guys....why i will refer google......

@asu i did not denied the fact that dijkestra is not used by link state ,what i am saying is routing algorithm used by RIP and IGRP is dijkestra  .because question is about RIP and IGRP ....there may be many more routing algo (which i am not aware of) used by or using dijkestra algorithm ......this is what i can tell you about this answer.. to clearfy more you can wait for arjun sir comment...

by the way i did not mean the way you have taken my comment i was just trying to give you a reference .

thank q.and every comment is welcome...

@Asu. From wiki:

Distance-vector routing protocols use the Bellman–Ford algorithm, Ford–Fulkerson algorithm, or DUAL FSM (in the case of Cisco Systems's protocols) to calculate paths.

I doubt if its Dijkstras.

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I believe the option may be Distance Vector. Because Dijkstra's is used by link state algorithm. But RIP uses distance vector algorithm and is uses bellman ford.

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The last option should be "Distance Vector" in place of "Dijkstra Vector"

because RIP uses Distance vector

and Distance vector uses Bellman ford approach

whereas the OSPF uses Link State

and Link state uses Dijkstra algorithm approach.

Bellman Ford uses Dynamic approach

Dijkstra uses greedy approach

I think it should be Distance vector
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RIP as well as EIGRP or IGRP both uses DVR .RIP is old protocol to prevent from infinite looping within an AS.

That why it totaly depend upon Metric(Hop count=16).

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