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How does one know his marks after the GATE exam ? Will the score be displayed on the screen after exam is over .

Because it is not a written test , even if the key is released the next day we dont have answers to check or count marks . Should we wait for result ? If so , I saw many people posting their expected marks before results in the FB group , how was that possible ?
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GATE result comes only after a month. Because the key is fixed only after the exam. Last year there was an option to challenge the key and after this 1-2 answers were changed. And they also provide an answer URL for candidates which can be used to verify our answers and people like Pragy have made webapps which can take this URL and give the expected mark..

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and people like PRAGY!  huh that man not only made a webapp it was a lifesavour for us.. after 2 days in GATE i was so much anxious that could not even eat, thinking that what if my rank falls below 10000???and all. then comes pragy with his app,, predicted 1800-2300 and i got the mean of prediction :D

things can not be better than that
can we get the link of this webapp. so what was ur result last year? does the prediction works?
Will it be available for GATE 2018?
yes, it'll be available :)

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