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Which of the following options is the closest in meaning to the phrase in bold in the
sentence below?

It is fascinating to see life forms **cope with** varied environmental conditions.

  1. Adopt to
  2. Adapt to
  3. Adept in
  4. Accept with
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Answer is (B)Adapt to. Often seen in newspaper "Indian players could not adapt to foreign conditions".

Adopt - means legally take care of. Also means to take up and use as in "He adopted my point of view."

Adept in - means smart in. Example- "Sachin is adept in batting."
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nice explanation.
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In the above phrase, underlined part is *cope with*. "Cope" - It's a verb. Meaning - deal effectively with some difficulty. Example Sentence - "his ability to cope with stress" "adopt" - verb. Meaning - choose to take up or follow (an idea, method, or course of action). Sentence - "this approach has been adopted by many big banks" "adapt" - verb. Meaning - become adjusted to new conditions. sentence -"a large organization can be slow to adapt to change" "adept" - adjective Meaning - very skilled or proficient at something. Sentence - "she is adept at cutting through red tape" "accept" - verb Meaning - consent to receive or undertake (something offered). Sentence - "he accepted a pen as a present" Hence, only "adapt" goes right with the phrase described in the question.

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