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The GSM network is divided into the following three major systems:

  1. SS, BSS, OSS
  2. BSS, BSC, MSC
  4. SS, CELL, MSC
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Answer : SS ,BSS ,OSS

GSM describe the protocols for second-generation (2G) digital cellular networks used by mobile phones .GSM supports voice calls and data transfer speeds of up to 9.6 kbps. It is based on the time division multiple access (TDMA) system. Currently GSM networks operate on the 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz frequency bands.

Reference : GSM - Architecture

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GSM networks consist of three major systems:
SS,which is known to be the Switching System;
BSS, which is also called The Base Station;
OSS, which is known for the Operation and Support System..

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