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Consider a uniprocessor system where new processes arrive at an average of five processes per minute and each process needs an average of $6$ seconds of service time. What will be the CPU utilization ?

  1. $80$ %
  2. $50$ %
  3. $60$ %
  4. $30$ % 
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Ans is b ) 50 percent ?

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Given in system there are on an average 5 new processes arrive per minute.

So,Arrival rate = 5 process / min

In every 12 second a ( $\frac{60 }{5}$ )new process arrives in system or we can say every process stays 12 second with the CPU.

Given service time = 6 seconds

CPU Utilization =$\frac{Service \;Time}{Staying\;Time}*100 $


Hence,Option(B)50% is the correct choice.

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