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Linking to another place in the same or another webpage require two A (Anchor) tags, the first with the _______ attribute and the second with the _______ attribute. 

  1. NAME & LINK
  2. LINK & HREF
  3. HREF & NAME 
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Answer : HREF and Name 

Name : The name attribute is used when sending data in a form submission. Different controls respond differently. For example, you may have several radio buttons with different id attributes, but the same name. When submitted, there is just the one value in the response - the radio button you selected.

HREF : The main use of anchor tags - <a></a> - is as hyperlinks. That basically means that they take you somewhere. Hyperlinks require the href property, because it specifies a location.

Reference : Href and Name

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option is C

To create an anchor HTML link that points to another place on the same webpage, you need to create two anchors: 
1. First you create an anchor link that the person clicks on initially. Here is the HTML code for the anchor link.
2. Next, you need to create a named anchor in the spot that you are going to jump to. This anchor will require the following syntax.


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