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Match the following cryptographic algorithms with their design issues : 

a. DES i. Message Digest 
b. AES  ii. Public Key 
c. RSA  iii. 56-bit key
d. SHA-1  iv. 128-bit key 
  1. a-ii; b-i; c-iv; d-iii
  2. a-iii; b-i; c-iv; d-ii
  3. a-iii; b-iv; c-ii; d-i
  4. a-iv; b-i; c-ii; d-iii
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Answer C

  • DES is private key encryption with 56 bit key
  • AES is private key encryption with 128 bit key
  • RSA is a public key encryption algorithm
  • SHA Secure Hash Algorithm is a cryptographic hash function which produces a 160-bit  hash value known as a message digest.
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