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The initial basic feasible solution to the following transportation problem using Vogel’s approximation method is

  $D_1$ $D_2$ $D_3$ $D_4$ Supply
$S_1$ 1 2 1 4 30
$S_2$ 3 3 2 1 50
$S_3$ 4 2 5 9 20
Demand 20 40 30 10  
  1. $x_{11}=20, x_{13}=10, x_{21}=20, x_{23}=20, x_{24}=10, x_{32}=10$, Total cost = 180
  2. $x_{11}=20, x_{12}=20, x_{13}=10, x_{22}=20, x_{23}=10, x_{24}=10$, Total cost = 180
  3. $x_{11}=20, x_{13}=10, x_{22}=20, x_{23}=20, x_{24}=10, x_{32}=10$, Total cost = 180
  4. None of the above
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Ans should be D)none of these as Choice A , B,C  are giving only 90 demand and  supply  allocations whereas given demand and supply are 100. 

Method is as per vogel algo summary  

1)first calculate penalty(difference between two min values ) for each row and column 2)

now select the column with max penalty and search the least cost in that col/row

4)assign the max allocations and update the row/column demand supply

5)cross out the exhausted row/colum

Repeat the above procedure

Correct ans should be X11=20 , X13=10,    X22=20    ,    X23=20   , X24=10, X32=20, Total cost = 180    

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sir, x23  should be 30. isn't it?
no , before x23 , x13 will be satisfied due to its lesser cost
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Instead if applying entire VAM we cant do a shortcut here. put the option a b and c and check if they are correct or not.

Therefore option D

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VAM is needed only to find correct soln , here question can be answered  from  options itself

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