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A thread is a light weight process.

In the above statement, weight refers to

  1. time
  2. number of resources
  3. speed
  4. all of the above
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what is above statement ?
B number of resources

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A thread is a light weight Process. 

We might call it that way because a thread, like a process, is a way to have a parallel, concurrent, flow of execution. But contrary to a process, a thread shares the same memory as the other threads in the same process, instead of having a completely separate memory.

Hence,Option(B)Number of resource is the correct choice.

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Why not d
I agreed with number of resources are less but also a thread less time of cpu burst compared to process and also speed of execution I also more
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Each process should have code, data, files, stack and registers as separate resources

individual threads have only stack and registers as separate resources allocated to them.

answer must be B) Number of resources

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