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The Z-buffer algorithm is used for Hidden surface removal of objects. The maximum number of objects that can be handled by this algorithm shall

  1. depend on the application
  2. be arbitrary no. of objects
  3. depend on the memory availability
  4. depend on the processor
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Ans is B 

In Z-buffer algorithm an arbitrary number of objects can be handled because each object is processed one at a time 

refer schaum series or

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Depth Buffer (Z-Buffer) Method

  1. An X x Y matrix is used to store all depth values of screen pixels.
  2. Take one object. Store its z coordinate value to corresponding [pixel.
  3. If another object also comes in same screen pixel, the pixel closer to observer will be saved. (z-culling)

Lets go through the options

  1. depend on the application : Z buffer algorithm will be same for any application. Not the answer
  2. be arbitrary no. of objects: as the number of objects heavily increases it will affect the performance. hence the answer
  3. depend on the memory availability: Only one matrix is needed to handle any number of objects. Wrong option
  4. depend on the processor: Not related with Z buffer algorithm, Wrong option

Answer is B

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