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A network on the Internet has a subnet mask of $$. What is the maximum number of hosts it can handle ? 

  1. $1024$
  2. $2048$
  3. $4096$ 
  4. $8192$ 
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Subnet Mask : -

$\underbrace{11111111 . 11111111 . 1111 }_{net\ id }\underbrace{0000.00000000 }_{host \ id}$

It is a class B network.For a class B network, the upper 16 bits form the network address and lower 16 bits are subnet and host fields.

of the lower 16 bits most significant 4 bits are 1111.This leaves 12 bits for the host number.So,4096(212) host address exists.

First and Last address are special so the maximum number of address


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Why it is class B network?plz ans me
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The given subnet mask's encoded IP address is 
12 bits are available for the hostid ==> 2^12 possible hostids.

so the maximum number of hosts on this subnet is 2^12 = 4096 hosts.

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Host bits all zero's and all one's can't be used (one for netid and one for dba)  so 4096-2=4094
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  • maximum number of host=2^n-2 .
  • we need to subtract 2 becz one is used for subnet id and other is used for DBA.
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