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In Win32, which function is used to create Windows Applications?

  1. Win APP
  2. Win API
  3. Win Main
  4. Win Void
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Answer : Win Main

Win main is the function which is provided to create windows application .The user-provided entry point for a graphical Windows-based application.

Reference : Win Main as Application Entry Point 

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WinMain() is the C entry point function of any windows application. Like normal DOS/console based application which has main() function as C entry point, in windows we have WinMain() instead. WinMain() is a function which is called by system during creation of a process. First argument is the instance handle of the current process. Next is the previous instance. Command line arguments comes as next argument. Finally shell passes the show/display attribute of main window. WinMain() returns success as zero and error as non zero.

The WinMain function is called by the system as the initial entry point for a Win32-based application.



             int WINAPI WinMain(

               HINSTANCE hInstance,     /* [input] handle to current instance */

               HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, /* [input] handle to previous instance */

               LPSTR lpCmdLine,         /* [input] pointer to command line */

               int nCmdShow             /* [input] show state of window */


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