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Match the following with respect to HTML tags and usage

a. CITE 1. Italic representation
b. EM 2. Represents outputs from programmes
c. VAR 3. Represents to other source
d. SAMP 4. Argument to a programme
  a b c d
A 3 1 4 2
B 2 3 1 4
C 4 2 3 1
D 1 3 4 1
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Answer : A

a. CITE                         3. Represents to other source
b. EM                           1. Italic representation 
c. VAR                          4. Argument to a programme
d. SAMP                       2. Represents outputs from programmes 

Reference : W3Schools HTML Tags

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<cite> tag defines a citation.

<em> tag is a phrase tag. It renders as emphasized text.

<var> defines a variable.

<samp>  defines sample output from a computer program.

hence Answer is A

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