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Given the following two grammars :

$G_{1} : S \rightarrow AB | aaB$

              $ A \rightarrow a | Aa$

              $B \rightarrow b$ 

$G_{2} : S \rightarrow a S b S | b S a S | \lambda$

Which statement is correct ?

  1. $G_{1}$ is unambiguous and $G_{2}$ is unambiguous.
  2. $G_{1}$ is unambiguous and $G_{2}$ is ambiguous. 
  3. $G_{1}$ is ambiguous and $G_{2}$ is unambiguous.
  4. $G_{1}$ is ambiguous and $G_{2}$ is ambiguous. 
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Both are ambiguous...

G1: S→AB|aaB



To generatte string "aab"

S->​AB ->AaB -> aaB -> aab  


So ambiguous...

G2: S→aSbS|bSaS|λ

Generate" abab "

S->aSbS -> abS->abaSbS -> abab 

S->aSbS->aSb->abSaSb ->abab

So ambiguous...

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