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Match the following :

a. Chomsky Normal form  i. $S \rightarrow b S S | a S | c$ 
b. Greibach Normal form ii. $S \rightarrow a S b | ab$
c. S-grammar iii. $S \rightarrow AS | a A \rightarrow SA | b$
d. LL grammar iv. $S \rightarrow a B S B B \rightarrow b$ 
  1. a-iv; b-iii; c-i; d-ii
  2. a-iv; b-iii; c-ii; d-i
  3. a-iii; b-iv; c-i; d-ii
  4. a-iii; b-iv; c-ii; d-i
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1 Answer

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a) In Chomsky normal form  all of its production rules should be of the form:

ABC,   or
Aa,   or
S → ε,
iii satisfies this
b) In  Greibach normal form, if all production rules are of the form:
A → aA1A2...An or
A a
iv satisfies this
c) A context free grammar is an s-grammar if and only if every production's right hand side begins with a terminal symbol and this terminal is different for any two productions with the same left-hand side.
i satisfies this
d) In LL grammar, two production rules can begin  with same terminal symbols if they have same select sets.
ii satisfies this

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