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Which of the following is the size of Network bits and Host bits of Class A of IP address?

  1. Network bits 7, Host bits 24
  2. Network bits 14, Host bits 16
  3. Network bits 15, Host bits 16
  4. Network bits 16, Host bits 16
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2 Answers

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Answer : Network bits 7, Host bits 24

The number of different networks possible in each class is a function of the number of bits assigned to the network ID, and likewise, the number of hosts possible in each network depends on the number of bits provided for the host ID. We must also take into account the fact that one, two or three of the bits in the IP address is used to indicate the class itself, so it is effectively "excluded" from use in determining the number of networks .

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  1. 1 bit for identification , Network bits 7, Host bits 24
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